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The Ministry of finance " considering amending customs fees stained inverter protection for national industry
Date: 11/23/2012
The Ministry of finance agreed to study the request of construction material Export Council to amend the tariff on imports of Egypt of stained glass and reflector products to become 20% instead of 10%, to protect the domestic industry.

Mohamed  khatab, the Chairman of the glass  Committee on the building material Export Council  , said that representatives of the customs service agreed to prepare a comprehensive note all reviews industrialists on the current tariff distortions for their lifting of tariffs as a prelude to a new tariff to eliminate these distortions, and to achieve fair competition for industry.

Khatab revealed that the tariff categories were lower on glass reflector and color compared to the transparent surface, that Egypt was not only transparent glass only, so that the Government at that time sided with the local consumer to reduce tariff category, now producing glass products Egypt over 600,000 tonnes annually, half of it covered domestic consumption as export some 300,000 tons annually.

He said that the inclusion of the flat glass industries for export support programmes will contribute to a boom in the sector over the next few years, both in terms of new jobs or investments, which currently has 3 billion pounds in the flat glass only.

He said private investors are hoping their show of support for their exports as soon as the export support Fund Board of Directors for approval, particularly recent developments on the liberalization of energy prices for industry increased the pressure on them, to find the steps for creating a sodium carbonate plant in Bir al-Abed, causing the industry to import from abroad where there is only a single production plant in Alexandria produced is not enough glass industry needs.

He said that the trend of raising energy prices did not take into account the pressures which may cause many Egyptian industries, threatening to leave the market and turned Egypt of an imported product.

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