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EFI: the need for comprehensive examination of imports of customs ports to prevent smuggling
Date: 11/26/2012
Commission on customs in the Federation of Egyptian industries need to adhere to strict and comprehensive examination of all containers and import messages to Egypt across land ports to ensure against smuggling in all its forms.
The engineer said the glory of religion elmanzalawy Chairman and Board member of the Federation of industries said that the Committee had discussed the recent publication of customs procedures on Customs instructions issued to customs ports especially port customs transit matters through Salloum in the framework of efforts to tighten controls on incoming and outgoing.

The open all containers coming into Egypt, and display all of the messages on Radiology devices in case of not exporting items are checked. So explained Abdel Ghaffar first under-Secretary Ministry of industry that this publication has been issued to address smuggling at the request of the Customs Union Commission whose membership includes the competent chambers of industry as well as to note the Egyptian-Libyan joint Chamber, and request the competent authorities in Egypt to meet the requirements of the security concerns.

Underlining the imperative of full scan of incoming and outgoing messages, adding that these procedures apply to all messages for all industries in the event of a complaint of a particular site, reported Dr. Magdi Abdel Aziz, President of the Central Administration of Customs issued and contained to resolve this problem.And one of the companies affected made it clear from the procedure that calls to discuss the dimensions of all aspects ...

Mohammad almarshadi President of the Chamber of industries of women fully support j. room all publication items which meet the needs of the room to protect the Egyptian industry and against smuggling. And the President of the Council said Mohammad Qasim garments export end their problems in recent years with the cooperation of the foreign trade and customs, export and import control.

At the end of the meeting the Committee endorsed the publication customs procedures No. 63 of 2012 as understanding export Councils representatives spinning walmnsogatwalmfroshat home and the complainant company was released at this time and until security conditions stabilized and counter smuggling.

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