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Investors: "export development" does not meet the aspirations of the exporters
Date: 11/27/2012
Investors drew sharp criticism of regulations for export and the means used for export development bank which does not meet the aspirations of the source and it is now developing special loans to exporters to simple interest does not exceed 8% and many programs that drive the export movement.
Investors said that there were mechanisms to be taken for the development of export and open up new markets abroad, notably the granting of credit to the buyer and provide soft loans to exporters and the expansion of open trade representation offices in the capitals and cities of the world, especially the African countries and support special target States shipping such as Eastern Europe, where the freight rates are an obstacle to exports such as karakhstan and Brazil to create strict criteria for the disbursement of support around these standards and waste of funds and allow the source to purchase domestic raw materials without paying tax Sales provided for export as the interim system allowing importers to review the system permanently.
Dr Mohamed Helmi, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the 10th of Ramadan City considers that export development needs a national strategy through a comprehensive vision of all interest involving all relevant export ... And that, according to the newspaper "the Republic".
He wanted to provide soft loans to exporters to procure raw materials and inputs necessary for the production of export aims through specific programmes approved by banks and other lenders.
Dr. Hani Kassis Board member of chemical industries Export Council felt the need to activate the positive role that has to be done by private banks Egyptian exports Development Bank and development loans for exporters to simple interest does not exceed 8% provided that only exporting companies and factories and many programs, for example, with credit to the buyer as to what is happening in other States where credit is granted to foreign buyer through Bank or finance in the exporting country and get the source Export earnings as soon as the shipping documents in order to promote exports.And calls for the establishment of programmes for export insurance against unforeseen risks, such as the bankruptcy of the buyer or political risks such as wars and revolutions in the State that are export to which allows exporters to increase exports by reducing the risk they face in foreign markets and the ability to enter new markets with greater confidence and this requires activating the role of export risk guarantee companies.
Export culture
Eng Hamdy Sulaiman Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the new city of Dura Europos view that export culture among all the money to invest to recognize employees in this sector with all controls and rules and laws for each State in which they are dealing with their markets and every source of general culture protects them from mistakes that lose money and small industries should be exempt from the cost of participation in the exhibition for the first time and the suites with many small and medium-sized industries in international and specialized exhibitions As one of the most important marketing tools in foreign States.
Export support
Khaled Abo Almakarem chemical industries Export Council , believed that a flexibility in modifying the export support ratios to be one of the most important criteria is the export market and open Exchange support for all industries are energy-intensive to benefit all Egyptian industries.
The export must support Exchange life for products that exceed 50% added value and to promote small and medium-sized industries and deepen local industry and prompted balmsmah to source to buy raw materials and supplies from the local market be export only without paying sales tax, such as allowing for importers, this topic is reviewed every 6 months and if discover any irregularities to the source tax is doubled and deducted for the suffering of exporters on sales tax refund after export.
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