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A Joint Committee to prepare a strategy for investing in energy and facilities for production projects
Date: 12/2/2012
In an important step to prepare strategy for production and power generation in Egypt during the coming period. Held on Tuesday at the headquarters of the Ministry of industry meeting attended by Ministers of industry and finance, electricity and oil
And investment and local development and representatives from the Central Bank and a large number of private sector companies leadership discussed means of increasing private sector involvement in new projects in the field of energy to provide for the needs of industrial activities during the next stage in the reduction in the availability of gas in sufficient quantities to run industry.This comes in the context of the efforts of the State to agree on a common vision to deal in this area where the Council of Ministers decided to set up a Committee under the chairmanship of Dr. Al-Awad al-sharqawi power Professor, Faculty of engineering, Ain Shams University, to strategize about the future of investment in the energy sector during the next phase, in addition to various contractual frameworks which enable private sector investment in energy production. And engineer Hatem Saleh, Minister of industry and foreign trade said the Government was keen to develop an integrated vision and strategy for the future of energy in Egypt during the next five years, particularly with regard to the provision of energy to the industrial sector to meet the needs of new and existing plants and expansions requiring more investments to create new companies for production and power generation, noting the importance of the private sector in the implementation of these projects during the next phase. Dr. Momtaz alsaeed financial Minister said that a study is underway to provide sovereign guarantee and finance, one of the most important challenges facing the private sector invested in this area.
 Ahmed Zaki Abdeen local development Minister that there are many investors who have shown interest in setting up projects in the area of energy production to meet the needs of factories located in industrial areas in the various governorates of Egypt.
Balba, said engineer Mahmoud, Minister of electricity and energy that new regulations for the electricity sector strategy aimed at promoting the private sector and investors to set up power plants from renewable energy.
engineer Osama Kamal, Minister of petroleum and mineral wealth that Egypt has strong infrastructure in this area is to attract many local and foreign investments to investment in this vital sector.
Mr. Osama Saleh, Minister of investment, the Ministry of investment in all its organs is ready to offer every support to Egyptian and foreign companies wishing to invest in this area, noting that there are many foreign companies that have shown willingness to pump large investments to create projects for production and power generation during the next phase.
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