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Rising steel prices after the imposition of safeguard duties
Date: 12/2/2012
Iron prices rose markedly with the ads companies to new monthly with prices beginning December, and price this time is different after the decision of the Minister of industry and foreign trade to impose safeguard duties on iron imported from abroad by 6.8% to a minimum of £ 299 a ton.
Exotic delivery prices announced for traders 4210 pounds a tonne, up 130 pounds from last month, while Abu Hashima's wedding on this month's prices b 4300 pounds, an increase of 300 pounds and tea prices 4200 pounds to 150 pounds, while importing steel prices up to 3850 pounds before adding preventive imposed by drawing the Minister and is 299 pounds to up the price of imported steel to 4150 pounds minimum iron manufacturers was called Minister of foreign trade to impose safeguard duties on imported steel to protect the steel industry. While traders opposed to this drawing that they return to the former system is protectionist charges for some manufacturers to price under these practices to more than 10,000 pounds.
Says Mahmoud Mukheimer head of building materials of the Alexandria Chamber of Commerce that while the revolution have not seen any change in the policies taken by the officials, and does not take into account the interests of the consumer that bears the burden of the problems industry seeks to achieve greater profits, the State must intervene decisively to study the cost of producing these companies according to world prices with a reasonable profit margin is divided between the plant and the various trading workshops, The price will be less than what is currently in circulation.
Samir Naaman the Deputy Head of the Division of construction materials production Egypt said , Iron reaches 6.5 million tonnes and market needs some 6.3 million tons, and imported about 700,000 tons, which is higher than market needs and export side of available, this was the Minister's decision on temporary protection in time for the manufacturers were in dire need of such a decision after rising gas prices and wages in addition to the problem of stagnation plaguing markets, Under the expectations of increased sales tax with effect from the first year of 8 to 11%, and is expected to lead to an increase in prices, noting that the expected outcome of the tax increase to 75 million pounds, and was irreplaceable to activate markets by 1.2% only for a much larger return of sales tax revenue.
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